The team at Richmond Funeral Home are caring professionals trained to provide a service that recognises the needs of grieving families and individuals in their community.

The team at Richmond Funeral Home will listen, guide, advise, explain and support you in your decision making every step of the way.

The team at Richmond Funeral Home personalise funerals to suit the wishes of each individual or family they care for.

The team at Richmond Funeral Home understand the diversity and needs of their communities and provide a range of services and facilities to meet those needs.

The team at Richmond Funeral Home are experienced and understand the needs of a grieving family and the grief journey you may travel.

The team at Richmond Funeral Home will support you during the funeral process and provide you with aftercare services, support and information in the weeks to follow.

Every life has a meaning and every person has made a contribution to their family, friends and communities.

It is important to gather and take the time to remember and honour their contribution.

Remembering can take many forms from verbal contributions, photos or slideshows, music, mementos – the list is endless.

What is important is we take the time to remember a person’s life.

Funerals are personalised to reflect the essence of who the person was.
A meaningful funeral captures the person’s whole life and shares their life journey with those in attendance at a funeral.

The funeral, the days before it, and the burial or cremation are important steps in coming to terms with the death of someone close.

The funeral and farewell process allows mourning
and will assist in the grief journey.


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