Richmond Funeral Home COVID-19 Update

Last Updated on 10-12-2021
We at Richmond Funeral Home take the health and wellbeing of our staff and client families very seriously.  With the current unprecedented measures taking place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 below are the measures we are implementing to support our staff and the community we serve.

The Wairarapa Wellington Area will be in an Orange Light setting from 3rd December 2021.

What does the Orange Light mean for Funerals and tangihanga?
Under the new Covid Protection framework we are able to hold both vaccinated and unvaccinated funerals.  We will work with each family to assist them to decide families which option best suits them.  Our staff and their families are fully vaccinated.

Please find below the link to the official Covid website where you are able to view the options for funerals and tangihanga.  It is a joint decision of the family and the venue as to what kind of funeral can be held.

Life at Orange for Funerals and tangihanga

Funerals, tangihanga and last rites at Orange | Unite against COVID-19 (

Vaccinated: Every person over 12 years must show a valid ‘My Vaccine Pass’ to attend. There are no restrictions if everyone attending is fully vaccinated.

Unvaccinated: A mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people are allowed to attend. Only 50 may attend a gathering and must observe a 1 metre social distancing.

Everyone attending a gathering must complete QR scanning or contact tracing sign in and wear a mask inside the venue.

My Loved one has passed away, what do I do now?

Feel free to contact one of the team at Richmond Funeral Home (06) 3797616 or 0800 3797616 as soon as you wish.  We will be able to liaise with the Resthome, Hospital, Hospice, and Doctor and arrange to transfer your loved one into our care.

Our Team of Funeral Professionals will offer advice and guide you.  Our aim will be to provide with enough information to ensure any decisions you make regarding the funeral will be informed ones.

Pending Deaths:

If you are currently in a situation where your loved one is unwell, please feel free to make contact with us prior if you wish to.  You may have questions that we can answer to put your mind at rest.

Richmond Funeral Home will follow the advice of New Zealand Authorities and any guidelines or regulations that Government may put in place at this time.
In all we do we must consider your health, the health of our staff, and care and dignity of the deceased.

Please be assured our trained staff already practice a high standard of care and are trained in caring and preparing the deceased.

We ask that if you have any concerns or if you know or suspect the deceased or any one of your family members may have been in contact with potentially infected people that you advise us.The inclusion of this information on this website is designed to be reassuring and helpful.  If you require further information we suggest you visit the following useful website:

New Zealand Ministry of Health Covid 19 Information