Richmond Funeral Home COVID-19 Update

Last Updated on 22-09-2021

The team at Richmond Funeral Home are committed to keeping our staff, their families, the families we serve, and our communities safe.

The care, respect and dignity of your loved ones are at the forefront of any decisions we make and you can be assured that the high standards of care provided by the team at Richmond Funeral Home will continue.

Level 2 (Delta)
There are still some restrictions around funerals and tangihanga at Level 2 Delta. We still have our health and safety procedures in place and hand sanitising is still recommended on entry to any of our facilities.
Gatherings inside are restricted to 100 people and physical distancing of 2 metres is required between household bubbles. Mask wearing is not a legal requirement but is recommended by the team at Richmond Funeral Home.

Contact Tracing:
Contract tracing is required at all Richmond Funeral Home facilities and information is stored in accordance with the Government guidelines.
NZ Covid Tracing App for personal tracking and Q codes are available at the entrance to each of our facilities.

Richmond Funeral Home will follow the advice of New Zealand Authorities and any guidelines or regulations that Government may put in place at this time.
In all we do we must consider your health, the health of our staff, and care and dignity of the deceased.

Please be assured our trained staff already practice a high standard of care and are trained in caring and preparing the deceased.

We ask that if you have any concerns or if you know or suspect the deceased or any one of your family members may have been in contact with potentially infected people that you advise us.The inclusion of this information on this website is designed to be reassuring and helpful.  If you require further information we suggest you visit the following useful website:

New Zealand Ministry of Health Covid 19 Information