“We would just like to say thank you very much to you all for your care of mum and pulling off a lovely farewell for her.
I collected the memorial book yesterday and it is something special to treasure”

“Hello Jenny, Peter and Blair
Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance over this very sad time for our family. You have exceeded our expectations.”

“Thanks too to the team at Richmond – your gentle suggestions were very wise and sensible and we all felt that we did Mum proud – it was a fitting send off for a remarkable woman.”

“Dear Peter and Jenny
Thank you for the photos of Graeme’s headstone and military plaque. It all looks very handsome.
Thank you so much for all your help with organising this. It was much harder to do than I ever imagined it could be. I really appreciate all your efforts in making it painless for me. …I happily paid your account this morning, and, rest assured, I thoroughly recommend your services to everyone. You are the best!
Every kind wish.”

“Family association led us to choose you and the warm help and service were excellent – as expected, but still very much appreciated.”

“My family and I would like to thank all of you for your sensitive and considerate assistance at a very painful time.”

“Dear Peter and Jenny, We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful funeral you arranged for Mum. It was exactly as she wanted it and that brought us great comfort.”

“To Jenny and Peter, Many thanks for your loving kindness to us during and after our very sad loss. We would never have got through it all without you both. We will never forget all this”

“Our family were lost in grief, Peter was always quietly leading the way. Nothing was too much trouble, time meant nothing to Peter”

“Having met Richmond Funeral Directors previous I was made to feel at absolute ease (something like old friends!), knowing that the i’s would be dotted and the t’s crossed. I have total confidence in these people. They have amazing patience.”

“The family were very happy with everything Peter did. We are very grateful.”

“Your understanding and patience to accommodate the views and needs of this large family was much appreciated. At no stage was anything a problem for you including the ‘wake’ on the Monday night. It was a pleasure to work with your company.”

“Their sensitivity, knowledge and appropriate advice and recommendations. Were particularly helpful and thoughtful with the children.”

“Everything we requested was superbly done. We were all treated with sympathy and respect and we felt that Dad was treated with great respect. We could not fault anybody we dealt with during a very difficult time. Peter was a tremendous help and strength to us which we appreciate greatly.”

“We especially want to express our appreciation in the way you helped our two youngest. We are sure this helped tremendously in the way they both handled the loss of their grandfather. It was great to see adults include them and not to forget that they have feelings too. Once again thank you very much.”

“Peter, Jenny and staff of Richmond Funeral Home. Thanking you so much for a 100% excellent service you have provided for us with the passing of our dearly loved mother recently. You have made it easier for us to grieve while you have taken care of everything. Once again thank you all so much.”

“To all at Richmond. A very deeply felt appreciation and thank you for all the wonderful help you have provided. The way you have taken care of not only the major decisions but also the little details. I will never forget how you have helped me through those months.”

“Dear Jenny, Peter and staff

Your many kindnesses and thoughtfulness during the past weeks has been of a great comfort to us all. Personal touches and more especially Peter’s involvement in Mum’s farewell are appreciated beyond words. You did Mum proud Pete!”

“Thankyou for everything you did for me and my family during the formal process of saying goodbye to Dad. I know you went above and beyond your normal duties and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you!”

“Dear Peter and Jenny

I am sorry to be so cheeky to call you by your first names. You would not know me from a bar of soap. However I look upon you as friends. I will tell you how that happened. You made yourself our friends by your impeccable attention to the detail of the arrangements to this for us of course very sad occasion. You will tell me that this is all part of the service professionals like yourselves should provide. This is indeed true. However you went far beyond these professional requirements. You went far beyond in the loving, caring touches you added over and above what could professionally be expected from you. I/we noticed that you spoke to my grand daughters as they where standing by the graveside and you assured them that their father’s spirit was not there laying in that cold deep grave. I noticed the little cuddly toys you gave them to comfort them. The framed photographs you arranged so quickly for them. The manner of your speech that showed that indeed you cared for their wellbeing and their grief. Finally how you lend out the last of your umbrellas while you were getting rather wet on that miserable day. Peter, Jenny you should be proud of the care you provided. You have reason to be. So now you can see why I think of you as my friends and feel that I know you a little. I send you my heart felt thank you, for myself and the whole family.”

“Blair, I’d like to repeat my grateful thanks for the professional and sensitive way you handled Mum’s funeral. It can never be easy for someone in your profession to front up to people who are grief stricken to find out what the deceased would have preferred as regards a funeral service, but you were great. We felt that you were absolutely ‘spot on’ with the organization (even down to supplying the DVD shortly after the funeral). You found exactly the right music and the catering was great. I would not hesitate to recommend you and the services of Richmond to anyone.”

“Kia ora Peter

Was nice to touch base with you again and it would be totally remiss of me to not express once again our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to yourself and your staff for the wonderful care you all took of our mum when she passed away. Thank you, thank you and once again thank you.”