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CUSTOMWOOD (MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard)








Caskets made of MDF are available in most casket styles with the majority finished in a woodgrain foil veneer to give the timber look finish.  Some of the finishes available are Rimu, Mahogany, Hickory, Cherry, Maple, plain customwood or painted to any colour a family may choose.










Solid Timber caskets are also available in most casket styles and some of the traditional solid timber caskets are Rimu, Mahogany, Oak, Pine, Macrocarpa and Totara.










A couch casket is rectangular as opposed to the traditional shaped casket.  Simple style couch caskets are available in Customwood (MDF), with more ornate styles available in solid timber.  Also available (imported into New Zealand) are the American style couch caskets made of solid timber or metal, in a variety of finishes.










Many families nowadays wish to customize a casket to their specific wishes - painted a particular colour, adorned with a special scene, or supplied with a plain finish for family members and friends to paint or write their own personal messages on.
Talk to your funeral director of any thoughts/wishes that you have.

While we stock some of the standard style caskets, some options available may need to be procured from a distance or made to order and this can incur a delay of 24-48 hours.



Richmond Funeral Home have standard style handles and casket linings that we offer with particular styles of caskets.  However if you have any specific thoughts about handles, casket linings or anything else feel free to discuss these with your funeral director when choosing a casket.

All caskets are lined with a waterproof lining, and furnished with an interior lining (sideset).

Most caskets are fitted with six handles (some economy or basic caskets have only 4), have a nameplate (a legal requirement), and thumbscrews to attach the lid.  Other ornaments such as a Lodge or RSA badge, an “At Rest” or crucifix may be added to the casket when appropriate.



Pictured is a pine casket made from a sustainable source and meeting the requirements of the Environmentally Friendly minded person.





Many people enquiring about the use of a cardboard casket still wish to have the “normal” style of funeral involving; service in a church or chapel, use pallbearers, casket at home etc and it is difficult to source an acceptable standard of cardboard casket that would not restrict families choices. Some cardboard options that are available are more expensive than some of the natural pine/timber options available.

Radiata Pine

Most funeral directors would be able to procure on request an untreated radiata pine casket.  This style of casket available shaped or rectangular is fitted with rope or wooden pine handles and can be lined with unbleached calico creating an overall simple appearance.

This information is an overview of some casket options that are available.  Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain in more detail the options available and will also be able to give you specific cost.